This week our prayers have been answered. Well, the main prayer:

We are using the corona virus and school shut down to grow closer as a family and develop more self-reliant, confident kids.

It’s happening. And it’s good.

But a lot of other stuff about this virus is NOT good. Not good at all.

No, I’m not talking about the people dying. That’s not good, but it is natural. People die all the time. And for various reasons.

If we shut everything down because people were dying all the time, then we’d have to live quite different lives. We’d have to do something with the unemployed millions other than just UBI. People need to work.

For sure this one needs to addressed: Having all our supply chain inputs getting assembled in one low cost spot and then shipped back over here.

That brings me to this video I recorded about the Spartan Health Regime. This was a book I picked up a long time ago and occasionally dip back into it. Here’s a quick video I recorded about it:

The type of workout included in that video is just super-ideal. Very simple, very effective. By the way, if you want that workout, sign up for the newsletter (even if you’re already on it):

The author, Anthony Bova, called himself the king of common sense.

So many people have a fear of the basics. Similar to the Fear of Missing Out. FOMA.

Well, I’m different. In my corporate career I talk about JOMA—Joy of Missing Out. It’s a different take on the same problem.

It’s a different response to fear. Fear is something that just absolutely destroys your body. I’ve lived in fear for too long, personally. And now I see the whole world succumbing.

Have we gotten this weak?

I’ve been working on finalizing course #2 of the Jowett program. Reviewing the notes and descriptions have been very powerful. Here is someone who got it.

Honestly, I’ve never felt stronger in a “I can use my body effectively” sort of way. It’s also the first time in my life—at age 41 mind you—that I can hold myself in a handstand position.

This I attribute to the flexibility and rib box work that is in the program.

But it’s been hard to just do Jowett and not dip into anything else. I’m missing out on other stuff.

Well, I’ve just had to get over it.

Bruce Lee said, “It’s not about daily increase but decrease—hack away the inessential.

So after reading this, consider what is inessential in your life that you can get rid of:

  • Endless ruminating about the corona virus
  • Weak thoughts full of fear
  • Alcohol and other substance dependence

And replace it with:

  • Ceaseless focus on your vision and what you are called to do with your life
  • Strong thoughts focused on God
  • Your relationships and how you’re helping and encouraging others

Have a great week!