“Roy,” boomed a deep, resonate voice from the middle of the room.

The loud, talkative room fell silent. Everyone was controlled by this one man.

Who was this man? The 80+ year-old Mike DiCerbo.

Long ago, I interviewed Mike and asked him about his habits. How did he do so well?

Turns out the advice isn’t really that complicated. (Unlike the fitness and health advice that’s thrown around these days)

You know how we are. We want systems and methods. As Bruce Lee said, “Without system, without method, what’s to teach?”

So we crave that.

But Mike adopted a William Muldoon-esque stance about the whole thing.

William Muldoon: “Most people know pretty well what they ought not do.”


But we do it anyway.

So Mike never lifted weights. Mike never jogged. Mike never stretched.

I’m not saying these things wouldn’t have helped him. But he didn’t need them because

He stayed active.

He didn’t lounge around watching TV.

He met people out and about.

He gardened and walked and did stuff around the house.

And, he didn’t put a bunch of garbage in his body. He ate moderately.

Long ago I was influence by this Hooked on Aerobics program my mom used to do.

There were three levels: easy, medium, and hard.

Here’s the good news.

Mike took the easy approach, which is fully explained in Lean, Healthy, Strong.

But there’s also the medium and hard approaches and all that refers to is the effort.

It’s like a volume dial. Too low and you can’t hear. Too loud and you blow out your speakers.

You want to find the setting that is just right for you.

Some things are non-negotiable and the moral of the story is that Mike lived an optimally easy life for staying Lean, Healthy, and Strong.

* No smoking
* Moderate drinking
* No caffeine (hey, that’s a tough one for me!)
* Good diet
* Active life (that means outdoors, fresh air and sunshine)

That’s the foundation.

It doesn’t take 200 pages to describe something like this.

In fact I’ve done it in about 50 pages in Lean, Healthy, Strong.

And if you’re interested in that, prepare to click:


Justin Qualler

P.S. If you’re holed up in your house…make sure you are walking! Get up and move around. Even if you’re getting a dose of crappy spring weather like we are in Wisconsin right now.