There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think of the movie Idiocracy. Particularly when watching the presidential debates and politicians.

A few seconds to describe deep rooted problems.

Speaking in platitudes.

Neglecting basic economics.

Trying to get the viral ‘gotcha’ line to get some attention on social media.

Giving the crops gatorade instead of water (you’d have to see the movie for that to make sense).

What’s the quick fix?

Let me lean in and whisper in your ear so as not to offend the masses.


And if there was one, it’d start in your mind.

“It’s all mental” Steve Maxwell told me over and over.

And why?

Because it is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger put index cards on his mirror in the bathroom to remind him of his vision.

Steve Jobs said he would be a busboy until he had a solid vision for his life.

Mental work.

Right now I’m sitting in my office overlooking my backyard, surrounded by my books, and things that inspire me.

This was part of my vision and it’s reality now.

Vision setting is such a key that it’s the first chapter in the updated version of Lean, Healthy, Strong.

All the best vision-producing stuff I’ve found is in there. Concisely written so you get just the golden nuggets.

Ironically, now that we’re in quarantine this information is perfect.

How many people are cooped up and making bad decisions now?

Putting the blinders on.

Stimulating themselves with sugar and alcohol, news porn, and all the rest?

Way. Too. Many.

Some will use this time…and others will be used by it.

What will you do with this time?

Click the link below and get inspired to maximize it: