Isometrics have an air of mystery to them. Maybe, like me, you think of Bruce Lee, shredded and super strong, doing isometrics.

Or maybe you’re read Steve Justa’s Rock Iron Steel where he talks about feeling strongest when doing isometrics. He mentions how bailing hay became super easy when he started a program of “isos”.

If you follow John Wood’s Bone Strength Project, you know he talks about the mental aspect in heavy supports, which is similar to the mental aspect of isos.

Here’s the thing. When you’re moving a weight, you have to focus on proper execution of the movement. You can imagine yourself getting stronger, but the first order of business is proper execution.

When you’re doing an isometric hold, you focus on the muscles – contracting as many as you can, feeling more and more control over all your muscles.

BUT. You also have your mind free to think:

  • I am burning out impurities from my body and becoming super strong
  • My mind is as focused as a laser and I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • My body feels great, I am gaining more control over it

Isometrics let you get deep into your body and mind connection. You can use your imagination to “see” your body being the way you want it to be.

You can also develop your concentration. This is where training bleeds over into life. Concentrating doing isometrics develops the skill of concentration and controlling the mind, which can be applied to other tasks–like meetings at work.

I consider Steve Justa’s Rock, Iron, Steel “the” source on isometric training. Steve has a way of writing that motivates you to give something a try. His iso program is tough, and unique.

Holding the iso exercise for different periods of time and different levels of exertion…and he even throws in a sprint day. I remember being in New York the first time I tried the sprint part of the program. I was sore for days!

Anyway, if you like what you’re reading, pick up Rock, Iron, Steel from Amazon and give the iso program a go. It’s what I’ll be starting in a few days here as I do some restorative work.

And, hey, if you’re in the US – have a great 4th of July!