It was a while ago but I saw this article about walking outdoors.

Creativity, fresh colors, new scenery. These are all things I remember.

The woods near my house has some nice trails. They are short, but it’s a good woods, and short trails are great for sprints.

Walk, sprint, walk… Sprint again.

In the woods you can have an added challenge of watching out for branches. This tests your reactions.

The ability to use your body well comes from becoming more aware of it.

You can lose that connection if you’re focused on the weights instead of the exercise. That’s why light weights are super useful.

With light weights you can do something I call muscle tuning. Here’s a video to show you:

That kind of exercise will give you great awareness and teach you to contract and use your muscles at all angles.

That’s really helpful.

Also, just a quick one on stretching. In this video it’s not so much the stretches as the ideas I talk about in terms of getting into the stretches.

Stretching is a great way to relax and unwind.

A lot more details on Muscle Tuning in the Jowett program.