God whisked my car off the road and into the telephone pole.

I flew out of my seat, head going through the windshield.

“Son, you’re off the path.”

Or maybe it was

“What the f are you doing?” You’re off the path with all this drinking.

In any case, it was a seminal moment in my life. And it changed me.

I think we’re getting signs now. We’ve been getting them for a long time, but we’ve ignored them.

When New York said it was OK to kill babies whenever you feel like basically, that was a sign.

When we started gender bending…that was a sign.

When we started letting kids play games where they go around killing people, that was a sign.

When we shipped all our jobs over to China and rewarded executives for saving money and improving shareholder value while decimating communities across the country, that was a sign.

And when FoxConn installed nets to save the lives of people who were worked so hard they wanted to kill themselves…

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

Do you feel like you’ve deviated from your true path? Have you been getting signs?

Then watch this:

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