I couldn’t believe when I was outbid for George Jowett’s Unrevealed Secrets of Man. 2 bucks. Both volumes. I bid $105.

But that was a blessing, because the urge to purchase was so high, I immediately went looking for some other Jowett stuff and found his 12 week course, the original!, for $130.


His advertisements for this course mention Nerves like steel, muscles like iron. I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

But how?

Focus on the fundamentals and use an excellent method of progression. That’s what Jowett has put together. Along with his instructions, which are filled with a punch in the arm jolt of energy, the program is excellent.

2019 was a rebuilding year for me. Jowett’s is a rebuilding program.

You start with the internals. Exercises that target the abdomen. These powerful exercises set the foundation. Then you move into the breathing exercises. You don’t do these breathing exercises in the morning right away. That comes later in the program. They are awesome in the evening but in the morning they simply can’t be beat.

Look, I’m gonna tell ya–there’s nothing better you can do than a breathing exercise first thing in the morning. That morning air is so pure.

I have these exercises in a playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBlwsFbPfVkUnDzwvmyodGI8cCZQQTQ8q

Along with the exercises, Jowett also gives lessons. Self-massage. Diet. How much sleep. Towel rub down. How the body works, parts of the body.

Jowett’s exercises improve the posture. How you hold your chest. Your breath gets fuller and deeper. Your blood gets better nutrients, both from the breath and from the improved food. He helps you create a mental picture of how you can build up your body.

The thing I think will be hard for many is that you have to be consistent. It’s a very sane and approachable progressive program that works from the ground up and gives incredible progressions. You never feel overworked, you feel pleasantly worked and energetic. Buzzing.

Jowett demands concentration. And strictness of form. Do the reps correctly. You use light weights so you can focus on the movement and internalize it in your body. Heavy weights put the focus on the weights, removing the focus and concentration from where you need it.

While I have the videos with the exercises, to get the full benefit you need to read the instructions. I’ve taken all the key information and put it in a small info packet. Sort of like Cliff’s notes. It’s something you’d get in the mail and it’s only for people in the US right now. I’m selling it here:


Take a look and in the mean time give the Jowett exercises a shot.